This is an overview of the main questions we are asked. This will assist with your understanding of the process involved with turning your idea into a mobile application.

How much does it cost?

Because every idea is so different, we don’t have fixed costs. After we obtain a brief and discuss the idea then a time and cost estimate will be provided. AppsStore sets an estimated cost for the software development, which is measured by the complexity and design requirements of the idea. This will be an indication of how much work is required.

What price range can I expect?

The cost of a mobile application can vary from $5k to $100k depending on many factors. AppsStore will provide a quote for the project, as opposed to pay by the hour increments, and will bring you some of the most competitive prices in the market.

How does AppsStore ensure a competitive price?

AppsStore’s main motive is to use methods and tools for which produce high quality applications at very affordable prices and in shorter timeframe than competitors. We offer extremely competitive pricing and do not compromise on the quality of the deliverables.

Do you use local or offshore developers?

AppsStore is based in Melbourne Australia and uses a mix of local and offshore resources for the efficient delivery projects. This allows us to have continual work on your application occurring around the clock. We have partnered with a highly skilled team of developers based in India who are exceptional coders.

Who owns the application?

You will own the application. Some of the functions and technicalities which we develop as we are going through the process may be owned by AppsStore. Once the development is completed, you will be provided with all of the software materials for the application.

What does a corporate partnership involve?

A corporate partnership will mean that we love your idea so much, that we would like to be a part of it. Therefore AppsStore would wear some or all of the cost of the development, in exchange for a portion of the rights to your idea. AppsStore will also consider contributing its marketing and publicity skills to ensure the app is highly successful.

What about if I’m based overseas?

This is no problem at all. Some of our biggest clients are based in other countries, particularly in the USA. With the use of technology, the AppsStore team will be able to facilitate conference calls and video chats using tools such as Skype or Google+.