Developing an app for any platform will follow a simple step-by-step process. AppsStore will facilitate the process from beginning to finish and will also be able to assist you with developing channels for exposure once your app is ready to hit the market.

1 Concept: The process begins with a concept for an application. AppsStore will absorb all the information, materials and details about the concept from you.
2 Wire framing: With the information collected, our creative designers will work on a visual presentation to show you how each screen will look in your app.
3 Development: Once the designs are approved, our army of coders will bring your idea to life by building the functionality of your app piece by piece.
4 Testing Testing: This is a cyclic process that continues until your app is perfected by following these steps; examining the app, identifying an issue, fixing an issue.
5 Marketplace: Once perfected your app will be uploaded into the mobile marketplace complete with screenshots, description and simple website to match.
6 Completion: Upon completion of the project, avenues for marketing and exposure will be explored to maximise the success of your app and ensure a promising launch!

AppsStore application development methods have been successfully implemented in several projects spanning across mobile applications, online and mobile web. With the increasing complexity involved with software development, AppsStore has the right workforce and project management skills to delivery your project and promptly address any issues.

AppsStore is directly responsible for the analysis, software designs, software testing and implementation of an effective software product. AppsStore is fully responsible for maintaining software projects, software systems and any external interfaces to deliver a software product which exceeds your expectations.